Give Old Jewellery A New Life!

How Do We Give A New Life To Old Jewellery ? Let’s us introduce you about this concept about Jewellery Revamp. 

Let’s learn through this interview session 

Angie : This idea of jewellery revamp came to us when my friends came to me to help them to “revamp” on their old piece of jewellery. They came to me as they all know that I am in the jewellery making industry and develop many unique jewellery creation for teaching classes. So eventually this becomes a unique service from us.


Karen : Could you tell us more about this Jewellery Revamp?

Angie : We will need to engage with the person whom will be wearing the piece of jewellery to get to know him/her better in order to design a unique personalised piece of jewellery based on his/her characteristics


Karen : How does this Jewellery Revamp work and how it can help the client?

Angie : Some of the old jewellery may have certain sentimental value yet not fashionable enough so the old piece of jewellery was being kept in the jewellery box. But through the revamp service, we can actually provide a new life to the old piece of jewellery.


Karen : Which is the group of people require the service of Jewellery Revamp?

Angie : Actually anyone that required for jewellery revamp can come to us.


Karen : Usually how long is the interval that we need to do another round of Jewellery Revamp?

Angie : There is no specifically a period of time, as long as you need a new look for the jewellery can engage for this service


Karen : Do you provide private door to door service?

Angie : We will highly recommend the customer to come to us so that we can talk and discuss on the design, as we have many unique findings to offer which is quite difficult to bring them along

Get in touch with us to give a new life to your old jewelleries! We are available via call or WhatsApp us at 017 268 8673. You can visit us at our boutique at Shangri-La KL.

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