October Birthstone

Opal was declared the October birthstone as far back as the 15th century.

About 95 – 97% of the world’s Opals came from Australia. It is no surprise Opal is known as the national gemstone of Australia. Opal can also be found in other countries, including Brazil, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and USA.

It is one of the six types of precious gemstones found on planet earth, which puts it on the same tier alongside diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls. But do you know, we can also find it on Mars!

Interestingly, there are some arguments surrounding how Opal was formed. But the most common belief is through the rainwater that seeps down into the crevasses between the rocks. Once the water evaporates, the silica that is left behind dries out and hardens into precious opal over millions of years. Another view stated that Opal is found near the earth’s surface in areas where ancient geothermal hot springs once flowed. Because of that, Opal contains as much as 20% water. If we leave it out under a scorching sun, it can actually dry up and become damaged!

That is also the reason Opal is softer than all the other gemstones. Opal is best suited for earrings, brooches and other pieces of jewellery that rarely encounter scuffs and knocks. When used in a ring, the best designs have a bezel that fully protects the stone.

The origin of the name Opal was also a topic of debate. Many believed it came from the Latin word “opalus”. But there are also many others, including most modern references, that suggest it was adapted from the Sanskrit word “úpala”. Both words, although different languages, had the same meaning – precious stone.

The shimmering colours you see in Opal are thanks to the millions of tiny silica spheres of different sizes. These spheres refract light and cause the beautiful spectral colours. The spheres have to be just the right size and of a uniform nature to create enough colours for our eyes to see.

Opals can be synthesised in the modern day labs. Modern synthetic opals have non-directional patterns, making them appear highly similar to genuine opals. Lab-created opals, however, can still be distinguished by the lack of inclusions in the stone.

Black opals, nicknamed “The Mother of all Gemstones” by Shakespeare, are one of the rarest gemstones. So far, black gemstones have been discovered only in Australia, specifically around the town of Lightning Ridge. This makes black opals highly sought after. Their darker colour allows for the diffractions of light to shine through and take centre stage.

The Virgin Rainbow is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive opals. It literally glows in the dark. In fact, as it gets darker around the opal, the opal appears ever more vibrant. It was discovered in Australia in 2003 by John Dunstan, embedded in the skeleton of a Belemnite, an ancient ancestor of the modern-day cuttlefish. It is valued at over $1 million and was purchased and is currently on display at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide.

Opal is believed to bring good luck to its wearer. 

Rose Quartz


Another birthstone in October is Rose Quartz, which exudes feminine energy with its pink hue. Rose Quartz signifies compassion, peace, healing, and comfort. We often associate its gentle pink hue with love and beauty. And we use it to improve our relationship with friends and family. 

Known as the Heart Stone, so it is only natural that it is associated with the heart chakra. It keeps the heart chakra open and balanced by bringing peace, happiness, faithfulness, and good relations to the wearer.

Good quality rose quartz comes from Brazil. It can also be found in Germany, India, Madagascar and several locations in the US.

If you are looking at expressing your love and adoration for the girl of your dreams, your best buddy, or even looking for forgiveness from a family member or relatives, then consider getting them a gift that is customised with Rose Quartz. 

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