Flying Bat Fingerprint Heptagon Necklace




I am the reversed-thinker, Bat! I observe upside down because I hang down from the tree. I can see what you can’t see, that’s the biggest difference from From me and you! But others might think I’m weird, because I think out of the box, or sometimes a few steps ahead and they won’t be able to catch up. I love to be revolutionary, analysing, and a contrast life! I love to be – different!

Product : Pendant and Chain
Brand : MiQi x R&R Finger Print Heptagon Jewellery Collections
Metal : Zinc Alloy metal with Enamel & Epoxy 
Length : 45cm
Chain Type : Leather Chain
Width : 21.4mm
Height : 22mm

FREE MiQi “7 Animanetics Characters” Simple Fingerprint  Analysis
1) Original Price: USD $40
2) Procedure:
    a) Take photos of Left+Right Thumb ; and Left+Right Index fingers ;
    b) Send the picture to or +60172688673
3) Consultation : We’ll arrange 15 mins on Zoom with you. 


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