Natural Burmese Jade Round Necklace & Bracelet Gift Set


Product : Necklace
Brand : Angie Jewels & Co.
Stone : Hematite & Burmese Jade 
Stone Size : 10mm
Length : 45cm
Clasp Material : 925 Sterling Silver
Clasp Type : Bean Clasp
Clasp Plating : Rhodium Plating (18K Yellow Gold Plated)
Re-sizable : Yes
Weight : 40g

Product : Bracelet
Brand : Angie Jewels & Co.
Stone : Hematite & Burmese Jade
Stone Size : 10mm
Length : 18cm
Clasp Material : Brass
Clasp Type : Magnetic Clasp
Clasp Plating : Rhodium Plating (18K Yellow Gold Plated)
Re-sizable : Yes
Weight : 4g

Remark : Natural gemstone comes from minerals. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaw. Meanwhile, cutting or polishing also makes every piece of gemstone vary in color and size.

Packaging: Premium Box
This product is packed in our Exclusive Jewellery Box by Angie Jewels & Co. that holds jewellery well in place and is safe for shipping.

How to Take Care of Jade Jewellery
Artists have made carved jade into beautiful ornaments for centuries. Jade jewelry is most often made from jadeite, which has a rich, green color and is more lustrous than nephrite, which is the other type of jade. Nephrite is more commonly used for carving and comes in a wide range of colors. The traditional reputation of the gemstone holds that it brings peace and harmony into the life of its wearer. Take care of your jade jewelry properly and you will be rewarded with a stunning piece that will last a very long time.

1. Clean the jade.
Dip a soft cloth into the luke warm water and gently wipe your jade until it is clean. Do not scrub at it, as scrubbing can scratch the surface. Also, take care to avoid immersing it in the luke warm water.

2. Dry and polish the jewellery.
Dry your jade off with a different soft cloth. Make sure to remove all traces of luke warm water but do not immerse the jade to rinse it.

3. Keep your jade in good condition.
Touching jade increases the luster and richness of the stone, so don’t feel like you have to clean your jade jewellery every time you wear it. Instead, wipe it with a soft cloth after wearing it and clean it only when you notice soiling. Also, store jade in a jewellery bag or in its own compartment of your jewellery box.

4. Avoid things that can damage jade
This ornamental rock can be damaged by some materials and situations. To protect your jade jewellery, you’ll want to be aware of these.