Travel Agency Recommends Shopping At Angie Jewels & Co.


Travel Agency Recommends Shopping At Angie Jewels & Co.

Excellent shopping is one of the greatest things about Kuala Lumpur so surely when you come on vacation that should be on top of your list too! And who doesn’t love some fine jewellery whether it is for yourself or someone you care about.

Flight Network which is an immensely popular travel agency recently did a blog post called “72 Hours to Shop, Eat and Explore in Kuala Lumpur”, and on this list they featured some of the absolute best places to eat, shop and experience while spending time in beautiful, bustling Kuala Lumpur. These are some places Flight Network believes that visitors to the city absolutely cannot miss out on.

Flight Network is a leading global travel agency meaning they are responsible for sending countless tourists on spectacular vacations all around the world every single day. When they recommend places to their customers it is because it is worthy of being on their list of places to hit up while spending time in these destinations.

We are happy that Flight Network recommends us as a place to: “…spoil yourself or someone you love with some of these gorgeous pendants”.

So when you are heading to Kuala Lumpur do stop by our shop, which is located in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, to find a pendant for yourself or your loved one. It is a great memory and souvenir to bring home from a lovely time in one of the best cities in the world!

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