What is the difference between SWAROVSKI Zirconia and Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia

The Cubic Zirconia looks like a diamond feels like a diamond and cost a lot less. In fact, most people are unable to tell the difference between a diamond and a Cubic Zirconia but one way is to look at the Cubic Zirconia under a magnification of round 10x. You can see the facets do not point properly and where facets intersect, it is not a straight line. Other ways to tell the difference are doing a specific gravity test on an un-mounted stone, and when measuring heat conductivity, a Cubic Zirconia registers red on the indicator (a diamond is green). Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is well known as a substitute for diamond, due to its high hardness and durability. To the untrained eye, CZ looks very similar to a good quality diamond but CZ has slightly less brilliance or sparkle than a diamond and more fire or flashes of colour.

One great difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is weight; CZ is about 60% heavier than diamond. A piece of CZ the same size as a one carat diamond weighs about 1.6 carats.

CZ is also more brittle than diamond and softer. A cubic zirconia can be scratched by diamond , topaz, ruby or sapphire whereas a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) continuously populates the jewellery market as one of the most prominent diamond alternatives, due to its high hardness and great fire. CZ is a beautiful synthetic gemstone that is durable and inexpensive and now even comes in any colour of the rainbow, making it even more desirable. Cubic Zirconia is undoubtedly the best diamond substitute in today’s fashionable jewellery.

CZ was discovered by two German scientists in 1937. However, it was not until 1970 when the potential for cubic zirconia became apparent when a Russian scientist discovered the process to create it in a laboratory.

From then, SWAROVSKI & Co. started making Cubic Zirconia in large quantities for the diamond market.



Zirconia is considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever developed. For this reason, SWAROVSKI believes Zirconia should be cut to standards equivalent to those set for the finest-cut diamonds.

SWAROVSKI research in this area has revealed the ideal proportions that must be achieved to yield to maximum sparkle and shine in our flawless Zirconia. It’s a quality standard, now applied to all SWAROVSKI Gems Zirconia, that has earned the highest rating for critical factors determining diamond beauty from a leading gem lab versed in the machine measurement of diamond brilliance and light dispersion.

Our consumer immediately recognize the fine and very distinctive brilliance that sets the Zirconia stones of SWAROVSKI GEMS apart from our competitors.

A computer model based on GIA data from the Gemological Institute of America confirms that the round Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia offers the same brightness as the Tolkowsky Diamond. All product Made With SWAROVSKI GEMS sold by Kelvin Gems is accompanied with international Warranty Certificate.  HAPPY SHOPPING KELVIN GEMS SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA COLLECTION.


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